Critical Feedback

"When a student comprehends something, anything really, they can use it to create. For instance, a student who comprehends the concepts of tension, revision and voice can use these concepts to create stories, paintings, poems, music, dance, or scenes in a play or movie. However, when a student uses these concepts to create, through the act of creation, they often will gain new understandings of these concepts. Creativity is not always about product. Creativity is often a means of discovering a better (or different) understanding of ourselves, a topic, a process, possibility and concepts.Students need to comprehend in order to create but they also need to create to better comprehend."  @trevorabryan #4OCF

The critical feedback cycle is the most important component of the Simcoe County Student Film Festival. Our festival covers Kindergarten through Grade 12. We will have submissions from a variety of courses and grades including communication technology courses where the focus is on the media creation skills, subject area courses where the focus is on the subject content, arts / media arts classes where the focus in on the creative process and English or language art programs where the focus is on the literacy skills developed, to name just a few. One set of skills that bridge all grades and subjects are those required to think critically, provide supportive feedback to help others improve and to respond to feedback from others to improve their own work. By setting high standards and asking students to go back and edit their work based on feedback from others, students will need to move out of their comfort zone and push themselves even further. 

We are basing our critical feedback process on the Adobe Youth Voices critical response resources. Please view this video.

Once a video is submitted before or on April 13th 2016, the coordinators will post all the videos at . Each film will have a feedback form next to it. All film festival participants, teachers, principals and students in Simcoe County DSB will be encouraged to watch a few videos each and submit feedback.

After the April 20th 2016 feedback deadline, the coordinators will organize the feedback (and moderate any parts necessary) and send the feedback for artists back to the teacher. Artists will then have until May 4th 2016 (may the fourth be with you) to submit their final video. At this time the coordinators will organize the videos for the screening event on May 17th 2016 and share the schedule. Final videos will also be posted at . All artists will be encouraged to submit their films to the Taking IT Global “What does Belonging Look Like” Global Gallery Contest at this point. The deadline for this Global Gallery is May 20th 2016.

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